Types of cleanings to do before selling your home fast

There is much talk about cleaning when it comes to finally making the decision to sell your home. But most of the articles do not go in a detailed description as to what to clean and how to clean them. Therefore we thought to make a short yet detailed list on what really needs to be cleaned.

1.) Carpets

No matter what exact type of carpet you have, you either have to make sure they are very clean or you simply have to roll them up and put them away. There is no worse sight in a home than a dirty carpet. Unfortunately when we live at home we tend to overlook these flaws after a while, especially when there are kids around because kids equal dirt spots literally everywhere. There are specific carpet cleaners and cleaning machines which you can rent or places where you can take your carpet to be cleaned. And in the end if you call a professional and he confirms that the carpet cannot be cleaned, you better get rid of it and either get a new one or just leave the floor bare.


2.) Flooring

There are two key types of floorings: the wooden floors which can generally be found in the older style homes or the tiled floors which are much better when it comes to functionality and cleaning all the way. However depending on the texture and type of floor, it’s not all the same how you clean them. For instance marble floors have their own cleaning method and a machine to make them look newer, cleaner and shinier. If the texture of the floor is not altogether flat but porous, you need to be sure it’s cleaned as much as possible otherwise it will have a dirty effect on the whole area.

Professional floor polishing

3.) Textiles

These include the textiles on furniture which have their own cleaners which can be either rented or done by a professional. You don’t know, but the yearly amount of dirt and foot one sofa or armchair collects amounts to a ridiculously high amount, not to mention all the dust that these furniture collect. Cleaning them regularly will make them look way better and the air in the room will also be way fresher. If they are hopeless, you can either get their cover changed or you need to get rid of them.

4.) Windows

Nothing looks nicer than clean windows. They also ensure that the home takes in as much light as possible and they will make the rooms look brighter and cleaner. That’s why it’s essential to have the windows and their whole frame are as clean as possible. And if the paint starts coming off from the frame area, make sure to get that painted before customers start coming in.

if you want to sell your house quickly and feel you won’t have enough time for all this, call a professional cleaning company to do this for you.

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