How to make your home look better before selling

I had the experience to get tons of advice on ways to sell my home quickly and one of these key advices were to make my home look nicer, more inviting and altogether more appealing. As all the articles talk about cleaning and decluttering which are undeniably the first steps, we have decided to give you some good advice on what to do after the cleaning and all the packing of things is already done.


1. Depersonalize

When it comes to making a home look nicer inviting, real estate agents often opt for a clean start in all the rooms: this gives the chance for the potential buyers to imagine the property as their own. If you have storage space you can have an interior designer to refurnish your room with rented furniture. You will see that even you, yourself will hardly believe that your home can look that much appealing and inviting: the only drawback of this is that you ought to pay more money to the real estate broker, in order to deal with all this.

2. Get rid of all the things which do bad for the appearance

This means if a furniture is in a very bad state and clearly does bad for the appearance of a room, rather have it thrown out or sold ( or at the very least stored somewhere further away). This also stays for the things you may like but which don't do much for the home in all. Do you really need large furniture in small spaces or a large curtain to keep the light out? Work all the rooms and try to look at everything with the eyes of a future buyer.

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3. Work the extras

If you have any extras such as a swimming pool, a garage, a garden or a yard, do your best for these to look their very best. You can even invest some outdoors accessories or furniture and give the whole place a good cutting. Gardens can look extra inviting for many people. Now, it's time to make your own green area as inviting as it's possible, in order to make it look nicer, larger, cleaner and overall more appealing. This also includes extras such as sunny spaces, a nice view from one or more of the rooms or a balcony which also can be beautifully refurnished and remodeled with just a small investment.

4. Work the lights

Your rooms can look double as bright and spacey if the lighting is proper in that room. If there are corners or areas which are definitely in need of some extra light, buy a couple of smaller or standing lamps and have them there: the difference they make is in fact dramatic. Also, if possible remove the old and used curtains from every window and opt for newer or simpler blinds which would give the room a more modern look. Large long and dark curtains have the tendency to make a room look way smaller and darker than they really are.

We hope these tips and tricks can be useful for you and that you can make them work your own way to sell house fast.